Microscopic characterisation

Microscopic sludge analysis

Microscopic characterisation is one of the core activities of EPAS INTERNATIONAL. Microscopic monitoring of the biomass is essential for the efficient management of a biological treatment plant. The plant is often monitored on the basis of only physicochemical parameters such as COD, BOD or N. The essence of the biological process, i.e. sludge quality, is often not assessed thoroughly enough. 

EPAS INTERNATIONAL is able to determine the sludge characteristics using standard light and fluorescence microscopy. Advanced techniques and equipment allow us to obtain a detailed picture of the sludge.

Live/Dead analysis 

Live/Dead analysis is a microscopic technique that uses fluorescence to distinguish between dead and living biomass. This can, for example, be very useful in the context of a selective chlorination campaign to eliminate filaments. 

Filament identification

The identification of filaments helps to identify the causes of unbalanced filament development. This knowledge enables us to intervene in the process and thus prevent sludge loss.