A keystone development in comprehensive water diagnosis

Tools for global and continuous measurement of water quality are key in mastering costs and ecological risks. Also, the importance of monitoring the effects of endocrine disruptors in treated wastewater has increased over the years to maintain good ecological status. Assessing this endocrine disruption is a recent and rapidly growing demand by regulatory entities over the world. Seureca, through its subsidiary EPAS International has developed, in partnership with WatchFrog, an in-line measurement tool for endocrine disruptors : FrogBox®.

A need to assess the endocrine disruption – To maintain a good ecological balance


FrogBox® is a tool for bio-surveillance which allows to continuously evaluate the quality of tested water and helps preserve the biodiversity.

This new device allows to evaluate the possible presence of endocrine disrupters in complex aqueous matrices directly on site. Determination of the disruptive endocrine effect is based on the use of small biological aquatic models (Xenopus tadpoles and the larvae of the Medaka fish). These organisms carry genetic markers which reveal fluorescence, by a natural reaction, of the larvae when exposed to micropollutants and endocrine disrupters. The tadpoles are delivered in a cartridge which can be used for one week. In FrogBox®, these biological models circulate through a transparent measuring cell, in which the level of fluorescence emissions are measured directly. The more contaminated the water, the more light will be emitted by the larvae.

Your benefits

  • Continuous measurement of the water quality (monitoring)
  • Detects the presence of one or a combination of endocrine disrupters
  • Acquisition of data (every 3 hours)
  • Alarm tool in case of a pollution or incident
  • Tool for the control of treatments and operating costs
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to move

High-end usability

Frogbox® is used at wastewater treatment plants, at production sites for drinking water, for industrial effluents, with a focus on the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural, and chemical industries.

Frogbox® can be used to:

  • Measure the efficiency of a water treatment system (before and after the treatment)
  • Control the quality of the effluents
  • Control the overall quality of drinking water resources
  • Evaluate the impact on the receiving environment
  • Monitor water quality
  • Identify the sources of contamination

Choose Your Formula

Depending on the customers’ need or budget, several formulas are offered: FrogBox® can be rented, purchased, or can be rented with the option to purchase.

Besides the rental or the purchase of this tool, extra benefits are included in the service. These extra services are:

  • Audit of the water system
  • Additional analyses
  • Follow-up and investigation of alarms
  • Interpretation and evaluation of the results (in relation with other parameters)
  • Consultancy
  • Training

More information on the frogbox: [email protected] or +32 (0)9 381 51 30.

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