M3: Nutrient importance, removal and sludge processing

Nutrients, sludge and their importance to wastewater treatment

Comprehensive Training Focused on Nutrients, their Removal and Sludge Processing in Water Treatment

Explore the critical role of nutrient removal in aerobic water treatment . This program focuses on the significance of nutrients in biological wastewater and how to efficiently eliminate them. In addition to shedding light on wastewater nutrient removal, the course delves into cutting-edge sludge processing techniques.

Beyond the theoretical foundations, the course offers hands-on exercises and practical cases that delve into the significance and methods of nutrient removal. Discover how to enhance the environmental impact of water treatment processes with our comprehensive course. Engage in a series of standard exercises and in interactive discussions about real-life case studies. Additionally, participants are encouraged to bring their own cases for group analysis and exploration.

Join us for this dynamic training experience, where theory meets practice, enabling you to excel in aerobic wastewater treatment.



  • Nitrification / denitrification
  • Phosphorus removal 
  • Sludge processing techniques
  • Exercises 
  • Evaluation and discussion of different cases
  • Q&A

Training dates 2023

  • 1st training session
    • Thursday 20/04/2023
  • 2nd training session 
    • Thursday 15/06/2023
  • 3rd training session 
    • Tuesday 17/10/2023
  • On demand 

Target group

  • Operators, process managers and laboratory staff involved in the monitoring of biological wastewater treatment systems
  • Environmental managers who need a good overview of the technical possibilities and bottlenecks of biological wastewater treatment systems

Prior Knowledge

Basic knowledge of chemistry and aerobic wastewater treatment is required. Our training Aerobic (waste)water treatment is an excellent preparation for this course.


  • 1 day session 
    9h00 - 12h30 & 13h30 - 17h00


  • € 917 (excl. 21% VAT) 

Training recognized by Alimento.


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Thursday 29/02/2024
Tuesday 19/03/2024
At Epas or Online

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