Water reuse and sustainability

Rational water use

In addition to its expertise in the field of wastewater treatment, EPAS International also offers support in your process water management. Integral water management is becoming increasingly important in the business world. By carefully handling water within your company and using alternative water sources, the water footprint of your company and the associated costs can often be greatly reduced. 

Possible process water issues: 

  • Water audits: EPAS International examines the water consumption within your company and describes the various consumption items and large discharges within the process. These water audits form the basis for research into the possible use of alternative water sources and reuse/recycling within the process.
  • Research into alternative water sources: EPAS International investigates all possible alternative water sources (rainwater, surface water and reuse of process water). EPAS International provides advice on the availability of these sources and any necessary pre-treatment steps for the use of water from these sources.
  • Research into possibilities for water recycling within the process: on the basis of the water balance and analysis of the quality of the waste water streams of different processes, it can be decided whether it is possible to reuse certain waste streams within the process (e.g. reuse of limitedly polluted rinse water as primary rinse water). EPAS International works out different scenarios for you and calculates your possible savings.
  • Research into the conditioning of wastewater to process/drinking water quality + design of installations for water reuse: EPAS International works out different scenarios for you for reuse. Through a good design and efficient process of your water treatment, an effluent quality is obtained that can be purified back to process water through a few additional steps (in practice often membrane filtration and/or oxidative processes). This potentially leads to significant water savings, which in turn quickly recoup investment costs. 
  • Design of concepts and installations for the reprocessing of alternative water sources to process/drinking water quality: analogous to the design of installations for reuse, EPAS International also offers advice on the design of concepts and installations for the purification to process or drinking water quality of alternative water sources such as rainwater or fresh and brackish surface water.
  • Follow-up of existing water treatment and/or conditioning installations
  •  Professional help in the field of membrane technology: this includes the design of membrane installations for various applications (reuse of waste water from various industries, treatment of rinse water, purification of surface water, ...), but also problem solving in existing membrane installations (both MF/UF and NF/RO).
  • Assistance in the design and operation of installations for the production of ultrapure water: specifically the application of RO membranes, ion exchangers, polishing carbon filters,...
  • Audits of cooling systems and cooling water circuits: EPAS International looks here at water consumption, but also at the correct conditioning of the cooling water. In addition, we provide advice on the prevention of Legionella.

All advice and research in the field of process water can be supported by in-house laboratory analysis if necessary (just as with wastewater advice).  Performing feasibility tests on laboratory and pilot scale is also one of the possibilities.

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