M5: Industrial wastewater recycling

M5: Industrial wastewater recycling

This training focusses on the growing problem of water scarcity and answers the growing interest of the industry to resolve this problem. This module provides an overview of the various techniques that can be considered in the context of water reuse.

In addition, for each technique the current control and process parameters are discussed. In addition to this theoretical approach, a number of basic exercises are worked out in groups for illustration purposes.


Target group

  • Operators, process managers and laboratory staff involved in monitoring water treatment systems
  • Environmentally responsible people who need a good overview of the technical possibilities and bottlenecks of water treatment systems.



Knowledge of basic chemistry regarding wastewater characteristics is considered necessary. 



  • Outline of the problems
  • Overview of common techniques
  • Overview of membrane technologies
  • Basic principles of reverse osmosis
  • Membrane configurations
  • Elaboration of some basic exercises
  • Case studies (#3)
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Example of cost allocation
  • Desalination
  • Ion Exchange (Acid retardation)
  • Exercises



  • Presentations (theory)
  • Exercises (collective)
  • Q&A


  • 1 full day module
  • Maximum number of participants: 15



€ 890 (excl. 21% VAT)

Training recognized by Alimento.


Training dates for M5

  • Thursday 11/05/2023
  • Wednesday 13/09/2023
  • On demand 

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