M12: 'Refresher course: wastewater treatment in practice'

M12: 'Refresher course: wastewater treatment in practice' 

Would you like to refresh and refine your knowledge in the field of water purification in one day?

EPAS International now offers a crash course in general water treatment. During this course, we chronologically go through the water purification plant, from certain specific purification techniques (primary treatment, secondary treatment and tertiary treatment techniques), to water reuse. For each part, an expert in the field is called in and the main process parameters are discussed in more detail. Concrete examples are worked out at the end of each section and we provide some concise exercises and Q&A sessions.


Target group

Senior operators, management members, plant managers and environmental managers who need a good overview of the technical possibilities and bottlenecks of various water treatment techniques.



The course requires a basic knowledge of the principles applied in water purification. In a short period of time, we evolve from this basic knowledge to an in-depth knowledge, in which for each part a number of specific cases are discussed. Some feeling with the practice can only offer added value.



  • Physicochemical purification techniques
  • Anaerobic purification techniques
  • Aerobic purification techniques
  • Reverse osmosis, zero liquid discharge
  • Cases
  • Q&A



  • Presentations (theory)
  • Q&A



  • One-day module
  • Maximum number of participants: 15



€ 700 (excl. 21% VAT) for the entire day. 

Training recognized by Alimento.


Training dates for M12 

  • On demand

Register online for this course through the Webform below or by mail: [email protected].


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