M1: 'Basic water chemistry: wastewater applications'

M1: 'Basic water chemistry: wastewater applications' 

In principle, water purification is always based on chemical, physicochemical and biochemical processes. It is therefore obvious that a basic knowledge of chemistry is necessary for a good understanding of these techniques. In the course attention is paid to basic chemical/physical parameters that are frequently used in water purification.


Target group
Operators and process managers who would like to refine or refresh their knowledge of chemistry.


The module 'Basic chemistry of water: applications on wastewater' is designed for people with little or no previous chemical knowledge.



  • Introduction to the periodic table
  • Units often used in chemistry
  • Calculating and converting units
  • Interpretation of results (SS, VSS, DM, oDM)
  • Chemical background of the chemical oxygen consumption parameter (COD)



  • Presentations (theory)
  • Exercises (collective)



  • Half-day module (combinable with our other modules on the same or another day)
  • Maximum number of participants: 15



€ 350 (excl. 21% VAT) for half a day

Discount rates:

  • If you register for three half-day modules (followed by the same person or different persons from the same company), you receive a 10% discount on the third module (and then on the sixth, ninth, ...).
  • Take advantage of the IPV discount.


Training dates for M1 (autumn 2020)

  • 03 September AM (Thursday)
  • 20 October AM (Tuesday)
  • 05 November AM (Thursday)
  • 01 December AM (Tuesday)


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