Our training offer is modular. This means that each course unit consists of a half-day module (except Module 12 and 14, which last a full day). These can easily be combined with other modules on the same or another day. In this way, you can choose which modules you wish to follow and which dates suit you best.

To get the most out of our training offer, you can combine one or more theoretical modules with the corresponding practical module with exercises/cases and with a practical visit.

M1: 'Basic water chemistry: wastewater applications'

M2: 'Basic principles of aerobic water treatment'

M3: 'Exercises and cases - aerobic water treatment'

M4: 'Basic principles of anaerobic water treatment'

M5: 'Exercises and cases - anaerobic water treatment'

M6: 'Nutrient importance, -removal and sludge processing'

M7: 'Physicochemical treatment of waste water'

M8: 'Physicochemical treatment of waste water in practice'

M9: 'Water reuse for beginners'

M10: 'Water reuse in practice'

M11: 'From waste... to biogas'

M12: 'Refresher course: wastewater treatment in practice'

M13: 'Practical visit'

M14: 'Follow-up of water treatment - laboratory'

M15: 'Tips & Tricks'

Our Webinar: Less Water, More Beer 

In addition to our extensive range of open training courses that are accessible to everyone, EPAS also offers the possibility of organising specific training courses on site. These training courses are 100% tailor-made, adapted to the wishes of our customers.

Together with the customer, the specific training needs are determined. EPAS can even make an evaluation of these needs in a TNA (Training Need Analysis) on behalf of the client. For this purpose, the existing skills of the persons involved are checked with the client and where additional competence is required. Based on this, an optimal training schedule is designed.

Company-specific training courses have a number of additional possibilities:

  • Tailor-made training can be provided in function of the target audience. These can be operators, lab technicians, process technologists or decision makers.
  • Specific training can be given in function of the process or certain techniques. For this purpose, the training can be fully customized.
  • On-job training is possible. This also offers the possibility to take into account the working hours of the operators (shifts).

The training can be given in Dutch, English or French.

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For more information about training tailored to your company, do not hesitate to contact us!
+32 (0)9 381 51 30
[email protected] 


You can participate in one of our training courses by registering via our training calendar or by sending an email to [email protected]. After registration you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. We can also be reached by telephone for all your questions: 09 381 51 30.

Food companies that register for our courses can receive a subsidy for most courses via Alimento.

We reserve the right to make changes to the dates mentioned in this training offer.

The trainings will take place in the training room of EPAS, Dok Noord 4C bus 003, 9000 Ghent, as well as at other locations that are provided per training. At the training room of EPAS there is parking space available on site.

Participants attestation
After successful completion of a training course, you will receive a certificate from us. Our training courses are also eligible for the additional environmental coordinator training.

Training fee
The training fee includes the training, course material and administration costs. All prices mentioned in the training offer are excluding 21% VAT.
We reserve the right to make changes to the prices listed in this training offer. Any price increases start at the start of a new calendar year.

After attending each course, you will receive an invoice relating to the course followed.

We only accept written cancellations. Interruption of the training or partial absence does not entitle you to a refund of already paid training fees. After registration, it is possible to have a colleague take your place if you are unable to take part in the training.

In the event of insufficient registrations, EPAS may decide to cancel a training course. EPAS is not liable for any consequences this cancellation may have for participants/customers.