Sustainability & Ecological Footprint

At EPAS International, we understand the importance of protecting the environment while achieving your other goals. We like to work together with our partners to optimise their ecological footprint, and to help them be more sustainable. That's why we offer comprehensive environmental services to help you assess and manage the environmental risks and impact associated with your project.

Environmental Impact Assessment Services for Sustainable Resource Management

At EPAS International, we offer environmental impact assessments for businesses and organisations looking to manage their resources sustainably. Our assessments are designed to identify and mitigate potential negative impacts on the environment while promoting the reuse of resources to decrease water consumption, minimise waste and reduce costs.

Our experienced team of environmental consultants provides tailored assessments and works closely together with you so that your company can meet its specific needs and goals. We have extensive knowledge and experience in a range of industries and project types, including the agricultural sector, automotive sector, oil sector, ...

Our assessments cover a comprehensive analysis of potential impacts on natural resources, ecosystems, and human health. We also evaluate the potential effects of climate change and provide recommendations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to our vast network of partners and colleagues of the Veolia group, we also provide guidance and support for regulatory compliance and permitting, helping you navigate the complex regulations at the local, state, and federal levels. Using the latest technology and analytical tools, our company aims to provide our clients the most comprehensive and detailed data possible, all while managing their projects in accordance with the highest environmental standards. All of this allows our company to provide its clients with expertise in all fields, all while giving them one central point of contact.

We, at EPAS International, understand that sustainable resource management is key to creating a better future for our planet and future generations. Our environmental impact assessment services help businesses and organisations achieve their sustainability goals while minimising their impact on the environment. 

Contact us today to learn more about our environmental impact assessment services and how we can help your project achieve sustainability success through resource management and reuse.

Audits for Sustainable Operations

As the importance of sustainability grows, more businesses are seeking ways to reduce their environmental impact and operate more efficiently. One way to achieve this is through water, energy, and waste audits, which help identify areas for improvement and cost savings.

At EPAS International, we offer comprehensive audits that analyse your organisation's use of water, energy, and waste, with a focus on identifying opportunities for increased efficiency and sustainability. Our audits are tailored to the unique needs of your organisation and can be conducted separately or combined for maximum impact.

Our water audit examines your organisation's water use patterns and identifies opportunities for conservation, reuse, and recycling. We evaluate your water supply, water usage, and wastewater output to determine areas for improvement. We'll also provide recommendations for upgrading fixtures and equipment to reduce water usage, as well as advice on ways to recycle and reuse wastewater.

Our energy audit evaluates your organisation's energy usage patterns and identifies opportunities for increased efficiency and cost savings. We analyse your energy bills, evaluate your equipment and systems, and identify areas for improvement. We'll also provide recommendations for renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power, to reduce your reliance on traditional energy sources.

Our waste audit examines your organisation's waste management practices and identifies opportunities for reducing waste and increasing recycling. We analyse your waste stream, evaluate your current waste management system, and identify opportunities for waste reduction. We'll also provide recommendations for waste reduction strategies and recycling programs that align with your organisation's sustainability goals.

Our combined audit brings together a combination of these audits to provide a comprehensive analysis of your organisation's sustainability practices. By examining water, energy, and waste together, we can identify opportunities for cross-cutting improvements and develop a holistic sustainability strategy that maximises cost savings and environmental benefits.

In an nutshell, we truly believe that sustainable operations are not only good for the environment but also for your bottom line. Our water, energy, and waste audits help industrials identify cost-saving opportunities, reduce their environmental impact, and achieve their sustainability goals. Contact us today to schedule an audit and take the first step towards a more sustainable future.

R&D: Innovation for Sustainable Resource Management

Aside from working on projects for clients, EPAS International also invests significant time in R&D. Why? Because we strive to keep finding new and better ways to support the industry in their endeavour to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

We frequently run pilot studies, from scaled tests in our own laboratory to full-scale tests on site, and make use of new technology to better capture and interpret the data we acquire. But our group doesn't stop there. Veolia has developed several modules and programs to better assess clients' situations.

One of Veolia's key research and development projects is the DMISS® (Digital Management & Information Systems for Sustainability) tool. This tool is designed to help businesses and organisations measure, monitor, and manage their environmental impacts and sustainability performance. DMISS® allows for data-driven decision-making and helps industrials improve their sustainability performance by identifying opportunities for improvement.

Another noteworthy tool is the Veolia Group's Screen Tool®. The Screen Tool® methodology is a precise and organised approach to evaluating water usage, and is tailored to your industry's specific needs. By analysing your water cycle, we can provide alternatives to improve key indicators and reduce your environmental footprint. The module includes a 360° assessment of your production site, allowing us to identify opportunities to improve performance, reduce costs, ensure compliance with local regulations, and enhance your brand image. We achieve short, medium, and long-term improvements while reducing your operating costs and improving effluent quality standards. We also project the preliminary CAPEX and the payback period compared to the current operating costs, so clients and partners can see the economic savings for their production site.

There are so many things that may seem impossible [...], but when we focus all our energy on a single goal, we are able to achieve extraordinary things.

Estelle Brachlianoff, CEO of Veolia



Veolia's state-of-the-art solution for the entire industrial water cycle that is technically appropriate, economically viable, compliant with local regulations and sustainable, for audits that exceed the industry's expectations.



Ghent - Belgium

Analysis of the current state of the water cycle, evaluation of possible alternative sources that could be used in the manufacturing process and optimisation of the use of the resource for the future.

Aubange - Belgium

A detailed SCREEN study of the entire water cycle, carried out in 5 steps.

Italy, Morocco and Ecuador

Combined energy and water audits at several sites around the world to help them achieve the environmental objectives that the industry has set for itself.

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