ISO 17025


Supported by more than 28 years of expertise in the optimisation of water treatment installations, EPAS International thinks along to minimize the impact of the discharges on the environment.

Given the solid experience with environmental impact studies and ecotoxicity testing, it was a logical step to convert this into a BELAC accreditation.

Within the framework of internal R&D studies as well as investigations within a legal framework (special conditions of the environmental permit, advice on environmental inspection, etc.), EPAS International investigates in a standardized way the acute ecotoxicity at the different trophic levels that are representative for the receiving environment.

However, the support does not stop here. Besides acute effects, the lab of EPAS International is also equipped to investigate long-term effects. Using the tool "ScreenTox", a package of in vitro and in vivo tests, the focus is no longer on the intoxication of the organism as such, but rather on effects at the molecular level. In this way, certain micropollutants, which have long-term effects on the environment, can be detected at an early stage.


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