About us


Your partner in wastewater treatment and reuse 

EPAS International specialises in providing advice on the entire water cycle: from process water to the reuse of wastewater.

As an independent consultancy firm, EPAS International supports its industrial clients in the monitoring, management and optimisation of water management, supported by its own laboratory research.

EPAS International supports you in the following areas:

  • Advice and assistance with your water treatment:
    • Daily process monitoring of the installations
    • Lab research such as toxicity measurements
    • Microscopic analyses of activated sludge
    • Chemical analysis of samples
    • Remedying operational problems
    • Process optimisation (reduction of water consumption, energy and chemical products)
    • Audits of your water treatment and process water installations (cooling towers, steam boilers, closed cooling and heating systems…)
  • Audits of the water cycle in production plants
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical studies in support of environmental permit applications
  • Training (general or tailor-made)


EPAS International is part of Seureca, the consulting engineering division of the Veolia Group.